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Gates promises Windows everywhere

By Alfred Hermida, Technology editor, BBC News website in Las Vegas

Microsoft boss Bill Gates has made an ambitious pitch to put Windows software at the heart of everything people do.

Speaking as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas opens, Mr Gates talked about Microsoft's plan to remake itself to match digital lifestyles.

"Consumers are getting more connected and software is at the centre of that," he told an avid tech audience.

The main theme emerging at the conference is of an online, connected world where consumers can easily control their media, deciding how and when they listen to music, read the news or watch TV.

While this idea has been talked about in the past, many believe technology has matured to a stage where it is becoming reality.

Microsoft's co-founder and chief software architect sought to wow his captive audience with a scenario of the potential of such a digital future.

This ranged from a flat touchscreen panel in the kitchen showing customised TV reports, traffic updates and the location of family members to a wraparound desktop at work that combined video conferencing, instant messaging and more.

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