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Examples of our work
Home Front Recall
Video - Home Front Recall

Recollections of the war years from people born in Chipping Norton and those sent there as refugees and Land Army Volunteers.

Kilmorie Clarke was commissioned to produce the programme as part of the town's celebrations to mark the 60th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War. The low budget production was funded by the Big Lottery Fund as part of its Home Front Recall Project. The programme is part of an archive held by the Imperial War Museum.

"I congratulate your company on producing a very fine programme of the VE Celebrations in Chipping Norton in May 2005. I have viewed the DVD and regard it as a superb resource for us to have in the town" Cllr Jo Graves

Video - Xerox DSE Year Start 2006 and 2007
As part of our ongoing work with Xerox we produced the communication video for the European regional meetings.
Video - RS Business Training
Using sequences from programmes produced for RS by Maggie Clarke we compiled a training programme for business teams in the company and provided translation and subtitling services for the German version.
Video - BTG/ Provensis
Maggie has been producing video programmes for BTG and Provensis during the development of their Varisolve product for the treatment of varicose veins.

As Kilmorie Clarke we are happy to continue working with them on this exciting medical project.
Video - Safety Training, localisation
Following a fatal accident an American company urgently needed to distribute a safety message on video to their factories in Europe and Asia . Kilmorie Clarke was commissioned to translate and re-voice the video into Dutch, Norwegian, Italian Mandarin and Korean.

In order to save time the new voice tracks were sent as .wav files to the USA where they were laid back to the video. The five languages were recorded and mixed at Skyline Audio Post. Due to the accuracy of the timing on these tracks the American Producers were able to turn the language versions around in a fraction of the time scheduled for the layback.
Video and Interactive training – Xerox
Translation services for two projects to train sales staff. Both projects presented technical challenges in file format conversion and file delivery. The languages involved for each project were French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese and English (replacing American English) with the Voice Overs recorded to picture in one project. The final product in each case was an interactive training tool and we were required to deliver the recorded translations as .mp3 or .wav files for integration into the product.
Video - 2006 SCI Awards Ceremony
The Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) has modernised and extended its established awards scheme to reflect the Society’s commitment towards raising awareness of science, education and ground-breaking innovation. On December 1, 2006, SCI held a ceremony celebrating its 2006 awards at the Museum of London. Kilmorie Clarke produced a video of the event which has been used to spread awareness of the new award programme to SCI offices in the USA, Canada and Australia. A shortened version of the video has been used on the SCI website.
Video - 2007 Electrocomponents senior management conference
As part of the conference organisation package, we created a video to welcome delegates and another video to provide a permanent record of the key speakers' presentations.